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Vicky Koolen
Founder, Author, Education Consultant & Teacher
Student of Psychology at IOU

Aisha Vicky Koolen is a qualified and experienced primary school teacher with a postgraduate degree in special needs education. Aisha authored several books and is involved with different educational projects like Lesson Plan Islamisation and children programs at Heritage radio. Aisha Vicky is currently studying psychology at the Islamic Online University. As one of the founders of Pearls Education, she is keen to share her experience in Islamic pedagogy and Islamised education.

Ms Vicky Koolen headed and worked in the Lesson Plan Integration program at the Islamic Online University for two years (1.4.2015 - 1.5.2017).
During her period of employment she showed herself to be very creative and to have curriculum designing and implementing skills. Regarding her own performance, she was consistent and hard-working, met her deadlines, managed her department and its employees and volunteers very well.

Prof. Dr. Bilal Philips
Islamic Online University
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Hanae Elena Chelly
Co-Founder, Design Manager, Course Developer
Education Revolutionist

Hanae is an environment advocate and passionate about languages, teaching and design and tries as much as possible to adopt a healthy and green lifestyle while following the teachings of the Prophet ﷺ.

She has traveled and lived in Africa, Europe, America and Asia which allowed her to learn more about our world but also about herself and how she could benefit the Ummah. Her creative side and her passion have led her to join PEARLS Education hoping to make a difference and offer quality education materials and courses that will not only engage young and older muslims but also give them the tools to be real actors of the Ummah.
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Naeema Halim
Course Developer
Having lost her father at a tender age of 5, the only fatherly figure that Naeema saw around her was her dear old grandfather and not to mention her brave and courageous mother who taught her to stay put and firm in hard times.
While working as an Electrical Engineer, she found her calling in the field of Education. This quest for seeking knowledge led her to join the Islamic Online University, from where she completed her B.A. in Islamic Studies with specialization in Education. She also teaches Qur’an to children, and has been conducting Weekly Islamic classes for children, along with various other motivational workshops.

She has a passion to serve the community, especially in the realm of Positive Education, which motivated her to join Pearls. In her free time, she loves to read books especially on History, and is extremely fond of travelling & baking. One of her life dreams is to learn and master Arabic, and inculcate the love of this beautiful language amongst Muslim children. She currently lives in Dubai with her husband Omer and three daughters Ayda, Soraiya, and Umm-e-Kulsoom.
Zahra Anjum
Writer and Content Developer
I am a passionate Muslimah, currently pursuing a B.ed from Islamic Online University. I believe that the solution to the problems of our Ummah lies in raising a generation of Allah-loving, Akhirah-driven and Ummah-centered children who are proud of their religion and are thinkers and leaders. This, as well as designing a curriculum for my homeschool has driven me towards the field of education.
I have also been conducting Islamic classes for children, teenage students and young women for the past few years. Moreover, I am a published writer, content developer and researcher and love to pen down my thoughts on parenting, tarbiyah and self-help on various blogs and magazines.
Mohammad Irfan Khan
Course Developer
MSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Educator.

Irfan Khan is an educator who loves to spend most of his time in academic activities. Besides biriyani and chicken fries, he enjoys early morning walk with his wife. He has taught more than 4000 classroom hours over a span of 10 years. Having a Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, his area of specialization are Math and Physics. He believes Pearls Education is the next big thing in the field of education.
Mounia Soudani Karray
Thanks to my family, the ups and downs have taught me many things and especially that raising kids was not easy no matter the size or generation. It helped me understand that the image of the parents has an impact on the behavior of the child and that we must not neglect his/her needs. Over time and especially after my marriage, I discovered that education and experience had also a big impact on the development of the human, and thus leading me to take great interest in the field of education. My goal in life is to do my best to please Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala. Insha'Allah I wish to continue my studies to learn Arabic and go on with my projects. I am open to many things including drawing that fascinates me since childhood. It feels rewarding to help others and I am grateful that my horizon broadens through this work.