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Advice from the Quran


Help your child grow close to the Quran and know how it benefits him/her with these Ayah Cards.


Product Description

A set of 15 cards featuring ayah from the Quran and what they advice us to do.

Children hear Ayat of the Quran in a fitting situation

To connect children with the Quran in a meaningful way we need to seek knowledge and educate ourselves every day in order to refer to examples of the Quran. Whenever there is a situation, we must have the knowledge of the Quran to refer to it. This is not meant for scholars only. The Quran is for every human being and we are encouraged to read, learn and listen. So make notes and think of which basic Ayat we can regularly mention. Referring regularly to the Quran and connecting with the situation will deepen the love and respect for the Quran. This way children’s trust in the Quran will grow.

For more insight and tips on connecting children with Allah SWT and the Quran, read our post “The Quran in the life of a child


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