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Naeema Halim

She worked as an Electrical Engineer, but found her calling in the field of Education. This quest for seeking knowledge led her to join the Islamic Online University, from where she completed her B.A. in Islamic Studies with specialization in Education. She also teaches Qur’an to children, and has been conducting Weekly Islamic classes for children, along with various other motivational workshops.

Fruity fractions with Soraiya

Zahra Anjum
Writer and Content Developer

She is currently pursuing a B.ed from Islamic Online University. She believes that the solution to the problems of our Ummah lies in raising a generation of Allah-loving, Akhirah-driven and Ummah-centered children who are proud of their religion and are thinkers and leaders. This, as well as designing a curriculum for her homeschool has driven her towards the field of education.

I Love Ramadan workbook