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Boost your overall health with gratit...

Having gone through hard times and being deprived of what we would call “normal things” helped me get things in perspective. It has led me to reflect about all the things I DID have and how we should always be grateful for the blessings we have. However, in our busy and somewhat comfortable life, we […]

Raising Bilingual Kids

Being bilingual is not just about speaking two languages – even if that is already impressing – but about much more. It entails numerous benefits on every level. Benefits of being bilingual (or even multilingual) Better executive functions Antonella Sorace at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland says “People who speak two languages often outperform […]

Planning 5 fun outdoor activities

Planning 5 fun outdoor activities

        The holidays are finally here ! But for some that doesn’t necessarily mean a good thing, maybe your kids are now at home all day long and you still need to work and get things done. Sometimes it can especially be frustrating to see that your kids aren’t making the most of […]

Say NO to Screen Time, Say YES to Cre...

We all know how tempting it is to put your kids in front of a screen for some peaceful time ; be it for your child to play with your phone while you try to have a meaningful conversation with friends without being disturbed every 5 seconds or to keep him/her busy with tv cartoons when […]