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Developing Contentment as a mindset

How many of us mislead ourselves by wishful thinking: “I will be happy once I have achieved this particular goal or when this certain desire is fulfilled?” We might not even realise that we think like this actually. This mindset is a huge obstacle for feeling content and at peace. If we look at the […]

The Prophet’s Kindness

Bullying is unfortunately a very common concern of parents and teachers. A child that is being bullied can suffer silently, because it doesn’t get the right support. Parents want their children to be strong and able to stand up for themselves to prevent them from being bullied or so that bullying stops. They know the […]

Is my child confident?

Don’t we all want our children to have a good self esteem? Of course, because we all know the discomfort of feeling insecure! Low self confidence can limit us to explore and try new things. Feeling insecure can stop us even from making mistakes and not moving on! Self esteem is very important socially as […]

Show children your desire to please A...

Uttering Mashallah, Alhamdulillah, JazakAllah are indeed great phrases that usually come out of our mouths easily. The words are for sure superb to praise and thank our Creator!  The issue is do we say them truly from our hearts? Also when praying do we sincerely want to connect with Allah Subhana wa ta’ala? When doing […]

Love for the 5 Pillars in your Home

Do you reflect regularly on this question? Are the five pillars of Islam also the fundament of your home? If so, the five pillars can be identified in your conversations, teachings and daily activities. To prioritise these pillars you will develop a love for the 5 pillars and reap the fruits of them in shaa […]

The 10 days of Dhul Hijjah for kids

Have you seen the first pictures of all smiling pilgrims entering Arabia?  Do you feel the thrill about what is happening in their lives? Or do you have mixed feelings when viewing them all in ihram and ready to perform the radiant rituals of hajj? In my opinion it is totally normal to envy them […]

Will you and the children eat dates a...

I love the dates on our iftar table the most. If they are not there, the table doesn’t seem entirely complete. This Ramadan my dear neighbours gifted me such a special tin with mejool dates from the date project. A great gift to give and receive actually all year long and also supporting a good […]

Simply reviving the spirit of EID

Alhamdulilah, I just finished wrapping up some Eid presents for the children and while I was doing that, I just realised I want to keep some connection with Ramadan, because the greatest gift was Ramadan. We had the opportunity to gain new insights and to share this time together. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant us guidance […]

The Sunnah of Sleeping

Does your child jump up in excitement when you tell him or her that it is bedtime? Probably not…! Yes, bedtime can be joy and stressful at times. Especially in summer when the days are longer and the children don’t see any reason to go to sleep, because it is not dark as yet! To […]

Pre-Ramadan Kids Workshop

Ramadan is getting closer and closer and maybe you have some ideas about what you will do to start off Ramadan grandly? Some traditions and some new additions to fully benefit from the month that is so dear to us all! You may be already looking over the internet for some great decor ideas to bring […]